All of our teachers have attended the intensive Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Course and are certified Bikram method instructors.  Our teachers specialize in the 26 posture Bikram Beginners Series and are also regular practitioners of the 84 posture Advanced Series.   

We have a variety of wonderful teachers as well as visiting teachers and seminar leaders who share their knowledge and practice with our students.  Teachers come with diverse backgrounds, years of experience, and with their own regular Bikram practice.  



More about Studio Owner Donna Antonelli

Donna has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2001. She became certified by Bikram’s Yoga College of India in 2007 and opened Bikram Yoga Huntington Beach in 2011. Donna has continued her studies of Ghosh Lineage Yoga and has attended several advanced series seminars, teacher workshops, and clinics. Bikram Yoga HB also hosts senior teachers and posture clinics several times each year.  She regularly attends advanced series class with Emmy Cleaves at BY Headquarters in Los Angeles and continues to expand her knowledge of yoga, yoga theory, and wellness. Donna believes the foundations of Bikram Hatha Yoga are the keys to therapeutic healing of the body for all students - old, young, injured, as well as the fit and healthy.

Donna is a graduate of Georgetown University and has a Master’s from University of California, Irvine. She was formerly a French and German teacher.

Teacher Bio - Melissa Luyben

Melissa started practicing Bikram Yoga in February of 2004. Her instant love for Bikram Yoga encouraged her to sign up for a 3 week trip to India with Bikram and 40 other Bikram yogis in December of 2004. After that incredible trip, Melissa attended the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2005. Since then Melissa has lived and taught at several studios in the United States. Melissa attended the Advanced Seminar Series in Hawaii and attended advanced classes at BY Headquarters in Los Angeles. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from San Diego State and recently graduated from Chapman University with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Melissa began teaching in Huntington Beach in 2014 and loves the community at the BYHB studio.
Teacher Bio-Lorraine Lopez

Lorraine began her yoga journey over ten years ago while earning her BA in Art at San Francisco State University. In the Spring of 2007, Lorraine attended Bikram's Yoga College of India in Hawaii where she received her Teacher Certification. She began teaching in Palm Desert, California. About a year later, she moved to Orange County and taught at several studios in the area. After living in OC for 2 years, Lorraine made a goal to travel, teach and practice yoga around the world. In 2010, she headed to Singapore where she taught for almost 2 years. During this time, Lorraine traveled to nearly 20 different countries teaching yoga. She spent a few months living and teaching yoga in Sydney, Australia and Northern California before returning. Lorraine also partipated in Yoga Asana Championships in California and Singapore. In 2014, she took home a silver medal and will be representing the state of California at the USA Yoga National Championships.
Teacher Bio - Lili Flores

In 2011, Lili was training to run the Los Angeles Marathon when she sprained her ankle. Looking for a low impact workout, she took a Bikram Yoga class and was drawn in by the physical challenge of the practice. After a few classes she decided to sign up for a 30 day challenge.She saw improvements in flexibility, strength and mental focus. One year later she suffered a knee injury, and it was then that the healing power of this yoga became even more evident.  She made the decision to attend the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Fall 2013 and since has been teaching at several studios in Southern California.

 Teacher Bio - Cecilia Swanson


Cecilia first tried Bikram Yoga in 2005, she had been long distance running for many years and having completed several marathons and half-marathons the intensity of the series appealed to her. It wasn't until 2008 and when Bikram Yoga became part of her daily life and after immersing herself in the practice, she noticed a sense of peace and calm it brought to her life. In 2009, she attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training.  Since graduating in 2009, she’s been sharing her passion of Bikram Yoga and helping students feel the amazing benefits of this practice and has seen how it has improved their lives on and off the mat.

Teacher Bio - Nadine Viseth


Nadine has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2004.  After returning home from 9 months in Europe, she noticed her clothes were not fitting like they used to.  After doing her usual routine at the gym for a few months and still not getting the results she wanted, she tried Bikram Yoga at the recommendation of a co-worker. After her first class (taken in heavy, red sweat pants) Nadine angrily vowed to never practice Bikram Yoga again.   After she regained her composure, she drove herself home.  On the way, she caught a look at herself in the rearview mirror and noticed one of the biggest, happiest smiles on her face she'd seen in a long time.  She went back the next day and in Fall of 2010, she attended Bikram's Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego.  Her passion still strong; she truly loves the 90-minute practice and hopes to inspire students to love their own practice.   

Teacher Bio - Michael Manalo


Michael started practicing Bikram's beginning series since September 2009. After discovering how much the practice has improved his life, he quit his job of 11 years to become a Bikram Yoga teacher and graduated in the spring of 2011. Shortly after graduating he started practicing the Advanced Series at Bikram Yoga International Headquarters in Los Angeles. In November of that same year, Michael began teaching in Bikram Yoga Huntington Beach. Michael's goal is to facilitate this life changing practice and attempt to inspire students the same way other teachers have inspired him.   "Bikram Yoga does not give you what you want. It gives you what you need" - Principal Teacher Emmy Cleaves 


Teacher Bio - Ali Piva


Ali took her first Bikram Yoga class in April of 2010 and was instantly hooked. After a cross country move from South Coast Massachusetts to Northern California, Ali began to practice at Funky Door Yoga in Berkeley, CA and it was there she truly realized her passion for the practice; but more so her desire to share the yoga. She attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2012.  She moved to Huntington Beach shortly after.  Ali has taught at multiple studios in the San Francisco Bay Area and Orange County. She has practiced at studios on the East Coast, across the continental US, and even in Sydney, Australia. She is truly grateful for the opportunity to teach and share the benefits of the yoga at BYHB alongside such incredible and inspiring teachers. Ali is also a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Teacher Bio-Heidi Ravenhorst

Heidi attended her first Bikram yoga class in February 2009. Later that year, she attended a Bikram class where the teacher reminded the students to “leave your stress, thoughts and worries at the door.” At this moment, Heidi had hit the peak of stress at her job, and thought it would be impossible for her to relax in class. But sure enough, in her final savasana she realized how relaxed and calm she felt. She knew that this yoga had so much more to offer than just a physical workout.  Heidi quit her job and attended training in Fall 2013. Since her first day of taking class, she has lost over 40 lbs. She played four sports in high school, played volleyball in college, and since then has participated in marathons, triathlons and other workouts. However, Bikram is always in her core routine. She experiences the most benefits from the meditative yet challenging practice. She aims to motivate, inspire and encourage her students.